Resistance Love

From November 22, 2016 to December 6, 2017, Mme Zabet ran her third Kickstarter campaign. These stickers weren’t to made save the world, but with the hope that they might help it make it more tolerable for those of us who oppose the current administrations agenda, to help us find each other,  to embolden us to stop worrying about how we are perceived, and to encourage us to keep resisting. Enough money was raised to print bulk quantities of the “Team Nasty” and “Team Harpy” glitter stickers as well as stickers for #HarpyCorps and in support of our Muslim neighbors. The stickers are now available to anyone COMPLETELY FOR FREE (scroll all the way down for info on how to get some), made possible by the generous contributions from the following civic-minded, justice-loving individuals and a dozen others who chose to go unnamed:


Amanda Bukowski
Amanda Host
Amy e
Ann Marie Lenhart


Barbara McC


Camdon Wright
Caroline Castel
Caroline Morrison
Christina D
CJ Kohoyda-Inglis


Diane Redmer Moore


Elizabeth Borchardt
Ella LT
Emily, Radical Bitch & Nasty Woman
Erin Joslin





Hel Babeliest Gibbons



Jenna Gersbach-King
JL Jamieson
Julie L


Kari Banta
Kat O’Connor
Kathryn James
Keira Perkins
Kimberley Rector
Kristen Westfall
KT Griffis


L. Messina
Laura Bogue
LesleyD the Zenknitter you know and love
Lori Cancio


Maddy van Adrighem
Meg Helmes
Meghan Hospes
Molly Mitchell
Most Gnarly and Radical Queen Né of Narwhalnia, May Her Favor be upon Us, but May Her Be-Lasered Gaze Focus Only on Our Sworn Enemy, the Patriarchy
Mya Martin-Glenn


Natalia Uribe Wilson
Nicole G.



pammie, queen of the universe
Peggy Archer



Raellyn & Melissa
Rebel without a clue MJH


Samantha A. Gillett
Sara Mitchell
Sarah Asher. No, not that one.
Scott Reeves
Staci Schoenfeld
Suzanne Forbes


Teka England
Thalia C
Thank you, Duchess.
the raven
Tika Viteri




Witch Weave




To get your own Resistance Stickers:

Send a SASE to Z. Groznaya, PO Box 22049, Lexington KY 40522. Feel free to steal & share any of the images below!