State of the Miscellany

It’s getting harder and harder to put all my wares in one place, so here is a comprehensive listing of everywhere you can find me online!

  • Madame Zabet’s Misanthropic Miscellany Square Market
    Tshirts, soft enamel pins, stickers galore, greeting cards & postcards, temporary knuckle tattoos, and framed cross stitch.
    International Buyers: The only downside to Square Market is that it is not very international-friendly just yet. I am perfectly willing to work around that if you are! Just drop me a line at zabet.groznaya@gmail.com (or use the contact tab at the top of this page) with your shipping address and a list of everything your little heart desires. I can send you a Square Invoice with your total (+ int’l shipping, which will be in the realm of US$2 – US$5 for stickers & pins and US$10 or more for tshirts) and you can pay with your international credit or debit card, no problem! Strange, isn’t it? Square will accept international cards with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx, JCB, or UnionPay logo on them.
  • Madame Z’s Sticker Syndicate
    $2/mo US (or $3/mo International) will get you my newest stickers 30 days before they are available in my Square Market shop. My aim is to put out one new sticker per month (maybe less, but never more) and for a little more you can even vote on what design will get printed next!
  • CreateSpace
    Self-published journals/notebooks/blank books printed on demand by CreateSpace. I’ve designed the covers and the guts. Some feature grid paper, lined paper, knitter’s graph paper, or a mix of papers — be sure to read the description for each book!
    European Buyers: You may need to search your company’s national Amazon website for “Zabet Groznaya” to order these books. Don’t forget to take advantage of Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to see my hand-drawn lines, design flourishes, quotes, or other additions. (For example, here’s my stuff over on amazon.co.uk!)
  • Madame Zabet’s Spoonflower Shop
    I’ve been dabbling at fabric design. Did you know you can get the entire text of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow onto a yard of quilting cotton?
  • The AntiCraft Swag
    If you remember me from my days as editor at The AntiCraft, you can still find most of our swag here in the Zazzle store. Designed by me, printed on demand by Zazzle!