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Welcome, Y’all

Things have been moving and shaking here in the Miscellany, and you can now do all your shopping over in the Square Market incarnation. This saves me a lot of trouble, and it saves us both money, so I hope you’ll forgive the inconvenience of having to click over there. →⇉⇒⇨

International Buyers

The only downside to Square Market is that it is not very international-friendly just yet. I am perfectly willing to work around that if you are! Just drop me a line at zabet.groznaya@gmail.com (or use the contact tab at the top of this page) with your shipping address and a list of everything your little heart desires. I can send you a Square Invoice with your total (+ int’l shipping, which will be in the realm of US$2 – US$5) and you can pay with your international credit or debit card, no problem! Strange, isn’t it? Square will accept international cards with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx, JCB, or UnionPay logo on them.